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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
I would try cleaning/relubing the reg, using a spent 12ie instead of a dummy, and starting your FPS testing over with the reg adjusted all the way to zero pressure. Lock down the relief valve as mentioned, then try setting the velocity. Frankly, volume in front of the valve (spent 12g vs. dummy) shouldn't make a difference because the TPX valve has an internal shutoff mechanism, but that's what I was running when I used mine with a remote and I didn't have an issue getting 275 out of mine.

What size paint are you shooting? What type of tank/reg are you using? And lastly, what type of remote line?
I have tried everything that I can think of. I tore apart the reg and cleaned and lubed everything. I started with the pressure relief valve at half a turn but later had to turn it down some more trying to get a little more velocity. The weird thing is that as I raise the pressure, the first shot has alot of velocity, up in the 300's but then drops back in the 250 after that. When I raise the pressure some more, only the initial shot raises but the ones after stay in the 250's.

I have tried with the dummy 12 gram and with a spent cartridge with the exact same results. I am using a Ninja 50ci tank with 850 psi output (verified with reg tester) along with a ninja remote with slide check. Amount of air in the tank is not an issue because I fill with my scuba. The paint I was using was Evil with both my stock barrel and my J&J barrel. I also have the Techt Bad Karma bolt installed.

What was your setup and what adjustments did you make to your gun to get a consistant 275?
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