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Originally Posted by Mr. Hick View Post
Yes and No. The vampires in the book act more or less like zombies, but with the stereotypical stake to the heart type stuff. The book is unlike any zombie/vampire story you have ever read. Although it probably doesn't need to be said it's practically nothing like the movie.
Which movie? They've made more movie adaptations of this book, I think, than any other book out there. The Last Man on Earth in 1964, The Omega Man in 1971, I Am Legend in 2007, and I Am Omega also in 2007 (straigt to video and starring Mark Dacascos... that just screams quality right there). That's a lot of different movies all off of just one book.

Russki - Don't apologize, if you don't like those books, don't like them. I fully admit Priest's series is far more steampunk than it is zombie. Though by the third book, Dreadnought, the Rotters (the zombies in Priest's world) are not just in the ruins of Seattle. Just got Ganymede, which I'll read after my current book, waiting to see if she ups the zombie-quotient some more.

As for the Grant books, they are set 20 years after the start of the zombpocalypse, and due to all of the zombie movies and other fiction, humanity has come into a stalemate with the infected. However, by the end of book two, Deadline, that's all changing. I won't go into spoilers, but it's changing.
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