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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Buddy of mine picked up a cheap shutter that I'm fixing up for him. He'll be uising it on CO2, and wants to "rip" with it, so I figure I'll reg it for him and lower the pressure to try and limit shootdown from pressure drop. What kind of operating pressures can I expect to get decent preformance with this? And what's a half decent cheap reg that'll acheive such?

How cheap is cheap? If you can find an Evil Detonator, they are usually around $30 and are pretty decent, although they do have about a 5k round break-in, and also note the 500psi MAX output pressure. CP regs are pretty cheap as well and I hear they work well.

Not sure how much you're going to be able to accomplish with CO2, but with a polish job on the internals, decent reg, and maybe a new delrin bolt you can probably get down to the 400-500 psi range without spending a ton of time/money. Shutter doesn't have an e-trigger on it, just a double mechanical, right? You might want to get a cheaper e-frame and a decent barrel (J&J?) as well.
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