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The face came out very smooth when I cut it, and now I can't remember if I polished it or not. I thought about it.

I later found a little scratch in my white delrin seat that might have been the culprit. It may have been from a shaving I missed. I took the marker out for few dozen balls last weekend and it still behaved with the new brown seat.

I agree, 60 psi (+5/-0) seems to be a decent pressure for a modded rainmaker.

I haven't broken a ball yet, but I did open the bolt face a little more recently. I tried to keep the same contact surface. It was just a custom fit model of the stock bolt though, so I may regret that.

The red loctite is holding up on the feed neck, which I didn't expect.

I now have a hammerhead shaft that is long enough to fit the RM (ported beyond the housing). It looks great, but I haven't given it a good test yet.
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