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Question on Nova reg

The weekend before last, I enjoyed shooting my Nova (SN 1230), so this weekend I decided to work on my other Nova (SN 2130) which hasn't worked since it arrived over a year ago. It seems like the previous owner of #2130 put the spool valve return spring in the regulator assembly, and that didn't work well. I think I have it working now, but I need to refill a tank to verify tomorrow.
I took apart #1230 to clean it because I haven't done that since I acquired it a year and a half ago. Well, ignoring the problems in disassembly of this marker, I noticed a significant difference in the regulator assemblies between these two markers.

#1230 has two forward body o-rings, and the air enters the regulator from the body's intake hole directly via a hole in the thin part of the regulator assembly. #2130 has three forward body o-rings. The air enters the regulator via a how in the body of the regulator between the second and third o-ring and a hole aligned with the hole in the body. That made me remember some of the Nova regs were considered defective, and I can't locate the list of the SN's corresponding to the supposedly defective regulators. Does anyone have that handy? I think I'll hold off airing up either until I know.

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