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what to do with a KP-3??

So I have this kp-3

I have two issues:

* It is currently shooting WAY too hot (330-370 fps)

* There is yet another field that I want to play at that is not allowing co2

My question is...

Do I keep it AS IS as this IS a KP-3 (pretty decent condition might I add) and just cut the main spring and just have it handy for show at fields that don't allow co2?

Or do I sent it to Palmers and have them convert it to a pump Hurricane?

Now I know it would be "worth more" if Palmers and Company upgrade this to the Hurc specs but I really, REALLY love the look and feel of the Old School KP.

Which is exactly the reason why I have not converted this (or ANY of my older pumps) yet.

Fewer and Fewer pristine condition KP-3's exist as it is now... Do I risk losing yet another KP to conversion?

I'm afraid if I just buy another KP-3, I will come up with the same excuse NOT to convert it to a Hurc... (I won't mention how many kp's I DO have currently... )

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