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I generally agree that all things being equal the person/player with the greater skill will win. I also think that if things are NOT equal, than a greater amount of skill is needed by the disadvantaged party.

The Type 59 seems highly advantaged against the tanks it faces, though I confess I don't know the game mechanics and different tank stats well enough to provide more than anecdotal evidence.

Here's what I've experienced though; the Type 59 is faster than my tanks, seems tougher to hurt than most tanks I shoot, and hits as hard or harder than most other thanks that shoot me.

To beat it requires I have a fair bit more skill than the player using it, and if I run into two or more at a time I need a very large amount of skill (and some luck) to win the engagement.

That's fine, life (and games) doesn't need to be fair, but I'll still hate Type 59's regardless.

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