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Originally Posted by R.J. View Post
Attachment 29517

Carter WidowMakers from 88
Who is beside Carter in this pic paintballbackin88 ?

Attachment 29518

Jim Lively's Termite

I can only name Earon, Youngblood, Termite, and Jessica Sparks as those I've met in person playing in socal, specifically Fields of Fire/Fury in Valencia, CA. It was run by Jed Burns. I cannot honestly say I know who is to Earon's right.

I do not think that is Jon Kinchen, from Texas Boonie Rats. I always saw 3 other people at Earon's shop when I went down to bring lunch. Dave Youngblood, Bill Harvey, and Jon Kinchen. I also always saw Bill and JOhn play with Earon most frequently in 89-90 at FF in Valencia, besides our outlaw ball at Leg Lake in Whittier, CA. Jon had more hair and it was dark brown, iirc.

Regarding other Pic, wasn't it Jerry YANDELL, sr and jr, not Yarnell? I could've misread the team patch.

I may have an old pic of Yandell sr with his Termite in action. Trying to get a hold of my buddy who had the sense to take pics and keep em, I was too busy playing to care about pics...
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