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The DuckleBuster

...AKA "Millenion" or Gungrave Duckslide.

I've had this one for a good bit now and it's easily my favorite marker. I'm the fourth owner if the legends are true and I don't see it leaving any time soon; it's just too damned fun to play with. It came to me with mismatched black anno on the frame and the slide so that was the first thing to get addressed and then things just kinda kept rolling.... All of the original work was done by BOS so it made sense to send it home for the new stuff .

Specs then pics!

- Stock-class Phantom/rear dropout underneath
- ASP Detente-modded
- Silver main/green 'Cocker valve springs (cut down)
- 8" Freak-bored barrel
- Duckslide kit and one-piece feed
- Bob Long KnuckleBuster Spyder frame milled to fit (custom-made single trigger)
- Slide mounted directly to the TPC a la GeckoBlaster
- "Millenion" engraving on the passenger side
- Copper/black splash anodizing by CS Paintball (aka LaserMyGun)
- Delrin muzzle break and sight; the break has a channel milled into it for the front of the sight which keeps the slide from wobbling with the TPC
- SkinGripz 45 panels

Crappy phone pics:

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Now.... If you ever f..... With any of my builds again I am going to have to send the boys down to talk to you.....

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