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Battle of the Bulge special is on now.

Get your barracks expanded if you need more space!

Starting at 3:30AM PST (11:30 UTC) on January 23, 2012 and ending at 3:00AM PST (11:00 UTC) on January 26, 2012, the following discounts and bonuses will be available.

x3 experience for the first victory each day on all of your tanks
50% off the cost of enlarging the barracks (normally 300, 150 during special)
50% off the credit cost of the following vehicles:
M7 Priest
M5 Stuart
M10 Wolverine
PzKpfw V Panther
PzKpfw VI Tiger
50% off the gold cost of the T14 (normally 1500, 750 during special)

Be sure to take advantage of the Battle of the Bulge special while it lasts! The prices of the above-mentioned tanks and features will return to normal on January 26, 2012.
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