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Trails Of Doom
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Here is my latest video from last month. At the end of the day when the first few groups start to leave, we go into the field beside our Red camp and play some field games.

This really shows if you have good paint/barrels or not... Clearly the infinity paint I purchased for $25 a case wasn't as good as my old xball scenario I used to use...

Oh well, at least I got good footage of the paint JUST missing my intended target (one even goes BETWEEN the players gun and his mask! 1:41).

This was filmed with my ZoomCam set at 4X zoom and then zoomed in with my edit gear. Guys were about 150 feet away from me.

While playing that day I fell down, and landed ON my gun... (right on the camera)...

When I was cleaning up I noticed I had put a tiny hairline crack in the base of my camera. So I started working on a new mounting technique. (you can see the entire build thread on "necessity is the mother of invention").

I have a game this Saturday at my field, so I just finished up my new ZoomCam mount last night.

I can't wait to try it out!
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