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Tuning my KP3 for usable field velocity.

So, had my KP3 out last weekend for play...

This one. Ain't she pretty.

Had some issues getting a happy field velocity. The paint was a good size, so it was at least usable for a game or two, but it needs some work.

First issue, when shooting gas CO2 out of the old 10 oz, it was dong 220 fps. Barely playable.

Second issue, when sucking liquid CO2, it was up to 300 fps, occasionally spiking hot. Note the field limit at most of the fields around here is 280.

So I need to alter the setup a bit to achieve a nice 260-280 playable range.

Option A, anti-siphon the tank, re-spring to bring up the velocity.

Option B, siphon the tank, re-spring to lower the velocity. I got no problem with blowing snow.

Option C (or A-2 if you will), anti-siphon, throw my old RG1 reg inline with the tank, sweet spot, re-spring as necessary.

Any options I'm forgetting?
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