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O-RINGS FOR SALE - Standard, Metric, and Special Sizes!

9/22/17 Update: After a 2 month sabbatical, my move is complete and I'm back. I believe I've responded to all PM's I've received in the past 2 months, but if I've missed you, feel free to message me again. And if anyone else is in need of some rebuilds, just let me know! I'm back and ready to sell some rubber!

Buy 1 OR 10,000!!! The price is the same per o-ring even for marker-specific rebuild kits.

10% off on any request for EXACT sizes

Standard Sizes - Buna-70 (standard hardness)
001-024, 028: $0.10/each
109-116, 118: $0.12/each

Standard Sizes - Buna-90: $0.12/each
All Sizes 003-019, 021, 105 and 109

Metric Sizes - Buna-70:
1x1.5mm, 1x2mm, 1x2.5mm, 1x3mm, 1.5x3mm, 1x3.5mm, 1.5x3.5mm, 1x4mm, 1x4.5mm, 1.5x4.5mm, 1x5mm, 1x6mm, 1x7mm, 1x8mm: $0.12/each
1x12mm 1x13mm, 1x14mm, 1x15mm, 1x18mm, 1x20mm, 2x13mm 2x14mm, 2x15mm, 2x16mm, 2x19mm, 2x20mm, : $0.15/each
1.5x20mm, 2x26mm: $0.18/each

Special Sizes - Buna-70:
46-224 (PPS Switch orings): $0.35/each or 8 for $2.00

BULK KITS AVAILABLE - (bulk kits DISCOUNTED at $0.02 off each o-ring)

Basic Kit (180 orings) includes:
1) 5x of standard sizes (001-024, 109-116) in Buna-70,
2) PLUS 20x 015 (tank orings) in Buna-90
$15.50 + shipping

Starter Kit (270 orings) includes:
1) Everything in the Basic Players Kit,
2) PLUS an extra 5x 010, 016, 017 & 018 in Buna-70,
3) PLUS 5x of the following metric sizes in Buna-70: 1x1.5, 1x2, 1x3, 1.5x3, 1x3.5, 1.5x3.5, 1x4, 1.5x4.5, 1x15, 1.5x20, 2x15, 2x16, 2x20, 2x26
$25.50 + shipping

Advanced Kit (435 orings) includes:
1) 5x of every standard size I carry (see above or PM for details) in both Buna-70 and Buna-90
2) PLUS 25x EXTRA 015 Buna-90s,
3) PLUS 5x of each metric size I carry (see above or PM for details) in Buna-70
$44.50 + shipping

Ultimate Kit (885 orings) includes:
1) 10x of every standard size I carry (see above or PM for details) in both Buna-70 and Buna-90
2) PLUS 40x EXTRA 015 Buna-90s,
3) PLUS 10x of each metric size I carry (see above or PM for details) in Buna-70
$88.00 + shipping

Marker-specific Rebuild Kits available
AGD: Automag Classic, Minimag, RT classic, RT Pro, X-valve
AKA: Sidewinder, 2-Liter, Excalibur, Viking, Merlin, Matrix, Timmy, Bushmaster
Azodin: Pump
Bob Long: 360 Reg, most generations Intimidator, G6R
CCM: Inline Reg, S5, S6, J2L, T2
CP: Inline Reg, on/off
CCI: Phantom, or RTR Gargoyle
Dye: DM series, NT series
FEP: Quest
ICD: Thundercat, Promaster, Puma, ProMaster
Kingman: Hammer pump, 2003 Spyders, MR1, (more to come)
Metadyne: Thumper
Planet Eclipse: EGO series, GEO series
PMI: Tank regulator
PPS: Blazer, Typhoon, Squall (more to come)
Smart Parts: Ion, Ion XE, EOS, Shocker SFT, Shocker NXT (besides manifold oring), (more to come)
Tiberius Arms: T8
Tippman: 68-special, 98-custom, X7, TPX (more to come)
WGP: Standard '00+ cocker rebuild, sniper rebuild
... something you don't see? Just ask!

Other Common O-ring sizes:
Tank O-ring: 015
Barrel O-rings: 016, 017, 018
Macro-line fittings: 010
Freak Back Internal O-rings: 018
Autococker 3-way o-rings: 003
Tippmann 98 bolt and Hammer: 015 and 019
Nelson Bolt Orings: 111, 112, 113
others to follow

TOTAL COST OF YOUR ORDER = (Cost of all o-rings) + (EXACT shipping cost) + $0.50*
*The extra $0.50 for each order is to cover my cost for shipping materials.

I will ship at least once a week (typically on Friday or Saturday). All shipments will be in a 4"x8" bubble envelop. The o-rings will be separated in 2"x4" baggies and will be labeled by size, 1 to 3 sizes per 2"x4" baggie, with sizes labeled on each baggie. The quickest way to get a quote is to PM me with the exact quantity that you want per size and I will get back w/ you quickly!

Thanks for looking!
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