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Originally Posted by Timber_Ghost View Post
It takes a lot of experience (and money) to figure out what works for YOU and what doesn't. The most important thing in finding a stock class gun is to find a marker that you don't have to think about when you are playing with it. It just becomes a perfectly blended extension of your body and hits whatever you will it to hit.
Perfect choice of words. I have had all manner of pump gunz and the Redux fits me perfectly. But then again I am a bit of a stalker then just like that I get lucky. Both of the box guns I have tried were just awesome cept the CIP had old school big bore complex. I loved my Garg but lack of sights didn't fit my style. If Rodney comes out with a sight system I'll most assuredly get another.

The thing about slide guns is well they have a slide which changes things a bit. Not everyone can used to it. They are truely an aquired taste. As for chooche being 15, hell I'm 45 and have never me the Big Kahuna himself much less have a photo op eith him so chooche is light years ahead of most his age including some 45 yr olds

Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
I briefly had a box gun and the pump would bind on the top piece. I pmed several members here before I purchased it and no one mentioned this was a problem. And one of the members I PM, later sold his box gun and said, "the pump binds/rubs".
Honestly the problem is most people who want to play with one if these custom beasts must realize one basic fact. They are breech drop which traditionally binds from time to time, after all that is why bore drop was invented.

Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post

I have never shot a redux, but multiple members have had problems with pinching balls...including CJ...maybe your redux is magical or you have figured it out...It seems that very few members hold onto their Redux very long.
I can't speak for CJ, but I suspect $ 1350.00 is a bit much for most members to have tied up in a bore drop Nelson and life happens with all it's expences. Who knows all I know is mine works fantastically well but then again I have been around for an awfully long time and know what I want out of a gun. Someday I'll get a Carter duck but then I'll rationalize my self out of it cuz $2500.00 is too much for my blood.

I have tried to go high speed electro like a TM7 or Timmy but to tell you the truth my game suffers. I just suck with rope a dope shooters alway have.

Chooche I would love to see you get the Retro 7 next after the CCM Sniper it will be my next purchase.

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All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to shoot nothing.

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