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I have 3 proto switch masks, because I just love 'em that much. Two of 'em I got for less than $30 on Craigslist. One, my first pair, I bought new. I'd look for those, personally although it really is a "user preference" deal.

As far as markers go, many people turn their noses up at Tippmanns, but you can get 98 Customs for less than $50 used in many cases. To me, its the ultimate budget marker. About nothing to go wrong, and if you don't have an RT or E-Grip (or E-Bolt), you'll probably not burn through a whole case in a day. HPA is definitely the "way to go" provided you have a place to go to that can fill the tanks. Near me, that's not really the case, so I still keep around a few CO2 tanks for those outlaw days away from the commercial fields.

As for loaders, I got a VL Eye force for like $30, and it's plenty good.

If you stick to "my formula" you can be on your way for less than $200, and if you "upgrade" away from the 98, you can still use everything on another gun.

Just concentrate mainly on a good set of goggles, a good loader and a tank. The gun is the last thing to really worry about, and a Tippy should fill the void at least for a while, IMO.
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