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Paintball crossbow- The true silent sniper!

New project time! I need a secondary weapon to compliment the gauntlet. My arm mounted ion provides heavy fire, and still makes me hands free (when I let go of the joystick), so I'm looking to make a first strike shooting gun that is as silent as possible. I've decided to use an airowgun as a base, but I don't like shooting a regular bow, so I'm looking for ideas on mounting the airowgun to a crossbow! Before I start this project, I need some help.

-What should the draw weight of the crossbow be?

-How could I make a way of feeding first strike rounds and still be able to convert back to high capacity, regular paintballs?

-What pattern should I do for the duracoat? (I want your opinion)

-How would I go about mounting this to a crossbow as opposed to a regular bow?

-Could this even work?!?!?

Any creative ideas would be helpful. I plan on using a scope on this as well.

Edit: NOT using the airowgun!

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