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Originally Posted by nofxkid2005 View Post
The problem with the Airow gun in this idea is you need a full length draw to get any air pressure. Adam45 did a bunch of research on it after buying mine. He needed to change the bow to a 60 lbs bow to get it shooting at any playable velocity. Keep in mind that's like a 45+ inch draw.

I'd think with this setup, you'd need to change the firing system completely. Maybe have the 'arrow' strike a poppet at the end of the stroke...
But if you're using a string to carry a hammer to strike a poppit, how is that different from using a spring to carry a hammer to strike a poppit?

I think the aarow gun is needlessly complex, and bugs just haven't been worked out.

I would be more interested to see a launcher built just to use the string to launch the round, with no compressor in between.
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