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Originally Posted by splatmaster12 View Post
I think more companies should start doing what planet eclipse did with the ego: not coming out with a new one until they can actually make it better. I think the article said something like why make a new $1000+ gun thats exactly the same as the old $1000+ gun? If a gun isnt either better or cheaper than its competition, why make it?
I agree exactly with what you said.

What I was trying to get across is if this is no better in any way than the other guns I listed then why would I go out and buy it if I had one of those other ones.

Or why would I choose a "new" gun if the other ones are already out there. With their already established spare parts, after market parts, support boards/groups, and established company support.

As for the car anology others have used has anyone noticed that even there most of them now look alike and have about the same options?

Lastly, what I am saying is why do we need another "clone" of what is already out there? If you want one just because its the "newest" all the power to you.

But for me if they expect me to drop whatever it costs (especially in this economy) I want something truly inovative or improved.

Otherwise I'll just go to the good old B/S/T and get the same type for a heck of a lot less.

If that makes me weird, old fashion, or stuck in the be it.

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