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Brass Tubing

I have the following sizes of brass tubing for sale.

Feed Tube - 13/16 (.812) OD x .028 wall (.756 ID) = $10 per foot ($0.83 per inch).0212 lb/in - .2549 lb/ft
Notes: This tubing is slightly (.006") larger ID than original Sheridan feedtube

Barrel Tube - 13/16 (.812) OD x .062 wall (.688 ID) = $18 per foot ($1.50 per inch).045 lb/in - .54 lb/ft
Small Bore Barrel Tube - 13/16 (.812) OD x .067 wall (.678 ID) = $36 per foot ($3.00 per inch) Available in NOW

Sheridan Valve Tube - 7/8 (.875) OD x .050 wall (.775 ID) = $20 per foot ($1.67 per inch).0399 lb/in - .479 lb/ft

Thin Wall Barrel Tube - 3/4 (.750) OD x .032 wall (.686 ID) = $12 per foot ($1.00 per inch).0216 lb/in - .2588 lb/ft
Notes: I do NOT recommend using this as an unprotected barrel, as it is VERY thin walled, and will dent very easily. I am using my piece to make a couple of custom Nova barrels.

Speciality tube
================================================== ============
Reeded Barrel - 3/4 (.750) OD x .032 wall (.686 ID) $18 per foot ($1.50 per inch).0216 lb/in - .2588 lb/ft
Notes: The reeded tube has 22 lands. There is a very slight twist to it.

Direct Feed Tube - 7/8 (.875) OD x .062 wall (.750 ID) $20 per foot ($1.67 per inch).0491 lb/in - .5897 lb/ft

Automag Body Tube - 1 1/8" (1.125) OD x .0625 wall (1.00 ID) $33 per foot ($2.75 per inch).0638 lb/in - .7661 lb/ft

Barrel Adaptor Tube - 1 (1.00) OD x .093 wall (.814 ID) = $40 per foot ($3.33 per inch).0816 lb/in - .9795 lb/ft
Notes: This tube will allow you to create a 1" OD adaptor from the standard Barrel tube. This could be machined to create an Automag twistlock, or threaded to create an Autococker barrel. The final machining is up to the user. I *might* offer the machining services at a later date, but that will be determined... later

The fine print:

I accept Paypal, but can not accept transactions that are funded via credit card.
I ship every Friday, unless we make special arrangements.
The maximum single length I can ship is 6 feet.
I will cut to length, but all measurements are +/- 1/8".
I reserve the right to apply a small cutting charge for multiple sub one foot lengths.
Prices do NOT include postage.
I will ship via USPS Priority with delivery confirmation, unless you want me to ship via some other service.

I will post pictures tonight. Edit: Due to circumstances beyond my control, the old pictures will have to do until the other camera is located.

From left to right:
Reeded tubing. The lands are both inside and out. This is an experiment. PM me for more details.
Feed tube.
Direct feed tube.
Barrel tube.
(Pardon the poor picture quality)

Brass Monkey Customs

Brass Freak, Freak XL compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .678, and .685 (As I no longer have access to the machine to make certain sizes, I will not be replacing any which go out of stock.)

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock now available!

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