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Here is my Badger resurrection:

From here

To here

There was a LOT of clean up involved. Luckily the actual mechanics of the marker seem to be pretty darn bulletproof. It fires just fine and always did, so this was a pile of cosmetic work.

The surface was heavily scratched and pitted on the whole marker, so there was power tool work that led to hand work that led to more hand work etc.. I finished the marker with Duracoat in kelly green and black. (I wanted a more emerald green, but kelly green is what came and I didn't have the time for another order.

The wood inserts are razor thin pieces of something I had laying around with a nice grain. They had to be custom fitted to each area of the gun as the sand casting leaves a lot to be desired for consistency.

This gun has all the original parts, even the original o-ring that seals the tube to the frame. It's a shockingly simple and robust design.
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