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Empire Sniper Fire hydrant Leak

FIXED! SEE below for Solution!

Hey guys, Got my Empire sniper. Air it up for the first time. Ait comes Blasting through the barrel.

Now you might be think

"LOL silly newb pull the pump handle back"

I can assure you I am literate, I'v read the manual. Even when you cock the marker then air it up. Air comes Rushing through the marker, its like I dont even have anything in the marker to stop the air. I'm losing like 500 PSI in a matter of seconds.

Any help? I'v pulled some of it apart. the O-rings look fine.

things which have been asked so far:
Bolt in Upside down - No
Cocking rod Pulled back before Airing - Yes
Reg Pressure - 225 PSI Pretty much on the dot
able to Fire without air - Yes
cup seal - Not cracked or broken

Noted that there was alot of Lube on the internals
There's the problem! Lube on the cupseal makes it warp. Wipe it ALL off
wiped it off, cleaned it up a bit and airs up no leaks
Thanks guys!!
Especially Eddie for being a Champion.
You deserve lots of Good things in life!

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