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SuperNova question

Why hello there

Recently discovered all my paintball equipment. Including the supernova that I never quite got working.

Using some of the sites and threads on here, I have gotten it to stop leaking.

However, I noticed something ... different, I guess. I never actually used this gun before, so I don't know what to expect.

When I gas it up, the copper-colored barrel moves towards the back of the gun, effectively preventing a paintball from going in to the breach. When I pull the trigger, the barrel moves forward and air is discharged. I've just been dry firing (currently 31 degrees ... not so fun for the paintballing)

So .... is this normal? Is this the way its supposed to work?

What happens if a paintball gets stuck halfway when the barrel slides back to the rear of the gun? Paintball soup (sort of like automags had before Level X)
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