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Yeah, John warned me that it would take a while. I initially started reading it last Sunday and realized that there was no way I could make it through in a short period of time. Set aside a few hours on Sunday, plopped down on the couch for a few hours and read the thread while I was rewatching "The Wire" with the GF. (This was our valentine's day - hanging out on the couch and watching the wire. I don't know how I pulled this one off.)

My biggest beef with that thread is the fact that maybe 2 people in that entire thread actually understand patent law, and about 200 think they understand patent law. I realize it's an internet message board and anonymity makes everyone a tough guy, but damn, there are a lot of ignorant people acting like complete dicks when they have absolutely no clue about what the real issues are. I understand why Bill would have wanted to jump in there and defend his postion, but it was, as TK pointed out, not a wise move. Those people didn't care about facts, only the perceptions that SP is/was evil. Ultimately, while a lot of people didn't care for how SP went about their business, they (in my opinion) navigated within the confines of the law and made some shrewd business deals. Definitely not altruistic, but certainly legal. Of course, many feel they got what was coming to them with their 2010 bankruptcy proceedings.
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