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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
I don't know/care. The collectable value of the Renegade is 3-6 times the other YJs. And if you look at my other vehicles, almost all of them were called "The ugliest" by some authority on the matter.
I kinda like the YJ Renegade. It always reminded me of the oddball CJ-10 with its fender lights, and odd-shaped fenders.


Is the YJ Renegade ugly? Who gives a shlt, its unique. Today, because of DOT, and EPA regulations, its getting harder, and harder to make cars look unique, and different from each other. And even though nothing else in the market is like a Jeep, there are millions on the road... all with mostly the same setup.

So I'm glad that my old Jeep is really ugly.... Its ugly and its mine

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