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Neon Pink Ar:K , Predator'd LCD, NME, Alien

Hey guys! Just moved and I am clearing out the majority of my markers. As one sells another will be put up.

First up for sale is my Angel Ar:K roughly 7 cases have gone though this marker.

it is in great physical condition.

If you purchase it I will have it serviced before it gets to you to make sure everything is great!


Please note: The chain mail tank cover can be purchased for an additional 60$. The Matching annoed Freak in the case is also extra if you would like it.

NEXT UP!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Great Physical Condition Anno 9/10. EYES are Good, Board is GOOD!

MAJOR LEAK!******** SOLD AS IS ************** 125$ + 6$ Shipping.



Beautiful Predator'ed Aced LCD w/ Dye Ultralite and Drenny Trigger. Shoots smooth and straight. You will not be disappointed! Sorry for the blurry photos! Using a camera phone.

150$ +6$ Shipping!

Just had the Barb Replaced: in great condition! Comes with the Sly Barrel Shown!!!!

225$+ 6$ Shipping!
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