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Below is Gunz rig that I purchased(page 21 of this thread)... But before I could even take it to the field I had to modify it.

Got rid of the 3 mag holders and got 5 mag holders suggested by ghosroth. Still might modify those with elastic straps but the mags seem like they will hold in without them. We shall see.

I want to bring this to LL5 so the back might change more to fit on some water and maybe go pistol podsas well as a Mccann 13ci tank holder for the back.

I would like to get a holster incorporated into this. The TPX will fit in the waste of the belt(left side behind mags is 2 pieces that fit it decently). If I can get a holster to work out then I will sport 2 TPXs with this rig, but without it I find reloading both to be a task. I have a Mccann leg holster but the way the strap or something is connected makes it flop around my leg like mad


7rnd tubes are way to hard to remove, will be replacing those with 10 rounders. one spot open for the barrel blocker, fits in nicely and the top elastic keeps it in nice and safe.

On the right(my left) is T8 mags. They fit, but are a little snug and might wear out the holder after extended use.

Also, all the mags in the side like that makes great arm rests!

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