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Yeah, they "Upgraded the ante" in this episode. Laurie gets two, one with pen to the eye (neato) too bad she doesn't get eaten though, I can't stand her, even her manipulating of Rick in the end "You gotta do something about Shane, he's DANGEROUS" . Sorry sweetie, you chose to jump on his meal ticket when poor Rick was in a coma. You're past due for something........

The poor guy writhing in pain while the zombies devour him-EPIC SCENE- we want more of that.

Glen 'freezing up' at the moment of truth?
My take on this guy: He's a "thinker", I think he can find ways of infiltrating zombie-filled areas and getting out without making a shadow, and it seems as he's done just this time after time. He's not trigger-happy, and doesn't need to be.

Daryl and the short-haired lady-They're hookin' up, mark my word. Maybe open up a meth lab together.

Carl wanting to name the baby "Sophia"-Touching. My wife actually started to cry when he said that.
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