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Originally Posted by joedirt199 View Post
on level 4 it would probably be easier to just grind a little off the top of the sear where it catches the bolt so there is less pull. cheaper to replace a sear than it is to replace a bolt even though there are two sides of the bolt to try.
With a little dremel work on the sear, you can really tighten up on the slack in the pre-travel of the trigger as well as lighten and shorten the actual pull required. That and drill and tap the frame for a set screw to limit post-travel is all I had to to attain a damn near perfect trigger pull! Short and snappy, just how I like it now just have to limit the side to side play with a larger roll-pin now...
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Any gun that MAr carries is considered a pump regardless of operation, since that's what he'll use it for anyway.
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