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Cool Pro 2's

Developed in conjunction with other members, and especially Russc. Today, I present the long awaited Cool Pro 2's!

The CP2s feature a similar aesthetic design to the original CoolPro mask system, but are designed to attach to modern JT flex/spectra frames.

They are pressed and english wheeled to fit a precise, cnc machined body buck...

Like the traditional CoolPros, these attach to their frames using zip ties or zap straps, depending on your country of origin.

Despite being metal in construction, the weight is about the same as the original flex hardware.

Russc prefers to use his Cool Pros with cut-down JT hard ears. Custom foam ears can be made upon request.

As you can see, these offer great coverage and great protection... And above all, great breathability! It's like wearing nothing at all.

These are made to order, which (for an additional charge) allows some customization in the shape or length of the mask. Or an extremely custom mask can be made with unlimited technology to throw at it; cnc metal cutting lasers and numerous sheetmetal fabrication tools can be at your disposal for that out-of-this-world special project.

(Thanks, Mackeral!)

Basic CoolPro2 bottoms. $50

Powdercoating available. Price dependent on color.

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