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Originally Posted by MIDNIGHTANGELZ View Post
The Horde has a First strike Operators group
The New Empire has a Pump and Pistol group, with a taste of Electro (Blood Legion ~I am Commanding)

All of the Canadian peeps are sticking together on the Horde's side.

Senior Members on here I am not too sure... When it comes to commanding.. let's just say, I know the fields like the back of my hand and if anyone isn't on or near the front line with the Blood Legion, they will hear it~ I have some tricks and synchronizing we will follow. The choice is yours my friend.
What a sales pitch! Looks like I'm signing up for the New Empire Blood Legion. I'll probably be playing with the G6r most of the weekend so would it be cool of I ran with you all?
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sell your body, prostitution is an easy way to supplement gun whoring.
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