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April 20-22, SPE near Bloomington, IL

Okay paintflingers in Missouri/western Kansas, want to go to Spring Pump Event out in Illinois? Now's your chance. The wife is doing something with her family that weekend I have no interest in, and it's my birthday that week, so I'm going to SPE in my '08 Honda Fit. I can fit 2 more bodies in the Fit and in the hotel room (Super 8 in Bloomington, $106.84 for the whole weekend, and yes, I got 2 queen size beds). Everyone pitches in for gas (the Fit gets 34mpg on the highway, and is roomy enough for 3 adults and our gear) and the hotel room, and everyone buys their own food (I will bring a small cooler for drinks and whatnot out at the field, or a bigger cooler if everyone will pitch in to fill it), field fees, and paint.

Pickup will be at my place in Columbia for you folks who live west/south of me (you can park your car at my house over the weekend - the neighborhood is super quiet and no one will mess with it), or as we drive east we can make some detours to pick you up, say like if you live in STL or Springfield, IL. Or you can drive on your own dime and meet us there, I'm flexible.

Schedule - meet in Columbia around 3pm Friday, April 20th, load the blue beastie, and hit the road. Get into Bloomington that evening and check into the hotel room. Saturday, bright and early, pile into car and go to Sudden Impact and play paintball 'til they kick us out. Go back to Bloomington for dinner, or other fun as we find it. Sunday, repeat of Saturday, hit the road as soon as we're done playing the tourney, and head for Columbia.

Pricing break down is this:
hotel room - 2 people is $53.42 each and 3 people is $35.61 each.
gas - 2 10 gallon tanks worth of gas to get us out there and back is the best estimate I can figure, $68 total (at $3.40/gallon, so this could be higher or lower), so $34 for 2 people or $22.66 for 3 of us.
food - we'll stop on the road Friday night for dinner, and then again for dinner Sunday evening. Breakfasts are taken care of at the hotel. Lunch will be whatever they have at the field or we bring a cooler on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner Saturday will be whatever you want, I'm easy and don't need fancy (but do like it).
fees and paint - none posted yet where I can find them, will put them up when I know more.

I am not requiring any money up front for this. If you want to pay cash as we go, that works for me. If you want to send me a check early for your portion, or PayPal, or what not, PM me and we'll discuss it in private.

I have an extra pump if someone wants to borrow it (an Azodin Kaos Pump), otherwise I'll be bringing out the bare minimum gear and not a lot of spares like I normally do. I'll also be bringing out trash bags to put on the seats for our car rides after we play. Otherwise, you're adults (I don't care how mature you are, if you aren't 18, I ain't your parent, and I will not be driving you across a state border, no no NO), and you can figure what to pack beyond paintball gear on your own. If you want a packing list, ask, and I'll help you build one (I'm a Sergeant in the Army, PCIs/PCCs are a way of life).

And yes, my reservations at the hotel are already made, so whether any of you go with me, I'm going. I'd like to save on costs, but if no one else manages to come, I won't go broke.
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