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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Don't get me started bro, you've been acting more weird than anyone.

Ok, so I'm looking at the calendar. I'm thinking about trying to get out to play on the 10th so the not this Saturday but the next. I was thinking XPX, who thinks they could make that?

I'm semi flexible with driving. I can go as far north as Wayne's or the same south but I would prefer to keep it somewhere central so it'll be easier for more people to make it.

My goal is to get this game in, as well as at least one more if not two before I leave the area. I'm headed out of state at the end of April, so that's the time frame I'm looking at.
Man I know- I can hardly stand myself sometimes.

The 3rd or the 10th or the 31st is good for me. Even this weekend crossed my mind- as in tomorrow. Just drop **** and go kinda thing.
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