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Originally Posted by VooDooAddict View Post

No Look Mag ejection directly into 2 Dump pouches

And the unexpected star of the show... No Look, One handed, Reloads. Thanks to the orientation of the holsters, the mag well is nearly vertical.

I haven't had a chance to play with it in this config yet. But I have put it through more then a few paces in the treadmill test and it stays put and remains comfortable. I've also practiced with a few hundred no look reloads and holstering/drawing over the last two weeks. The new one handed no look reload process is not quite reflex yet, nor as fast as reloading a single pistol setup using two hands. But I already feel it's much quicker and has significant benefits then my previous "methods" of reloading with dual pistols. With dedicated practice I'm hoping this will become a reflex like action. Effectively removing my last drawback of using dual pistols.
I do the same mag ejection but with a single, larger pouch over my junk so I don't need a cup. But how have your treadmill tests do when running and your dual pitches have mags in them? Do they bother your thighs?

Love the one handed reloads from the holster angle, but again the holsters don't bug you where they are? I think I would I tried to put them a little more forward and up, and moved some of the mags to the small of the back.

Also, mind sharing some of your other older methods for reloading? I've been wondering if I can add some thing to the grips so I can slap two guns together and hold them in one hand while the other slams two mags in at the same time.
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