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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Glad you like it. I keep getting prodded to make videos instead of still pictures and text descriptions. So I'm just glad the idea got across without video to back it up. I've also been hesitant to post my rig because it feels like it's always changing and never quite right. For almost two weeks now this is what I've been training with, and for the fist time in a long while I don't have strong desires to change anything. I figured the time was right.

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
I do the same mag ejection but with a single, larger pouch over my junk so I don't need a cup. But how have your treadmill tests do when running and your dual pitches have mags in them? Do they bother your thighs?
It's funny you mention that. I used to do the same, a single dump pouch in front of the junk as "protection". Sadly, the treadmill tests had the mags swinging into my junk. Caused far more pain then protection. As to the dual dump pouches... they are a little restrictive sitting on the thighs, but it's not bad. With mags in them they are small/snug enough that they don't really bounce around. They hug the leg pretty tightly. Also, it's not like I've ever got the full weight of 6 mags swinging around in a single pouch. As I can only easily fill them with 3 mags each. After that I need to at some point move the mags back into empty pouches on the chest rig. (I place them back in the mag pouches upside down so I know by touch not to try to reload with them.) I've contemplated getting larger dump pouches to get past this limitation, but I typically play games with 6-8 mags. So I don't think I'll run into the issue of needing to empty the dump pouches mid-game too regularly. If anything changes soon though on the setup, this would be it... adding one or two much larger dump pouches. I don't have any large dump pouches to actually try, just speculation, so that alone makes it a bit of a temptation.

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Love the one handed reloads from the holster angle, but again the holsters don't bug you where they are? I think I would I tried to put them a little more forward and up, and moved some of the mags to the small of the back.
I've tried the mags on my back, and while I see it working for some, for me it's too much of a pain to replace the mags into pouches between games. Maybe the reality is that I need to try a different style of pouch for using on my back. Or maybe it's just my genetic disposition to be rather inflexible. I do have some valken pouches on an NXe molle belt that work "ok" for me for pouches on the back. But it's far from ideal for me, and really only works for me as a single pistol setup with 4 mags max.

As to the holsters, so far they don't bother me where they are, but I don't run with the pistols in the holsters, just for resting between games (and now the reloads). I originally tried them higher, mounting on the molle belt instead of a separate pistol belt. Hoping to fit everything on a single platform. At that height they were ok for draws, but the high angle which my arm had to contort made them, uncomfortable for re holstering. At the time I wasn't even thinking about the reload capability, but knowing how much pain my arms were in just twisting to holster, the reloads would have been impossible for me.

As to the position more forward or back on the belt, that's actually easy to adjust and I've been trying some different positions. Back a little farther makes the holsters stick out less from my sides. Farther back I can only no look reload one at a time, i.e. right pistol, then left pistol. Where currently I can reload both at the exact same time. I just don't have the flexibility to have both arms back and up at the angles necessary to pull off reliable reloads at the same time if farther back. I may decide that doing one at a time and having the holsters more to the back is the way to go. That's easy enough to slide around and adjust that I can do it between games. For now, and for the daily reloading drills I'm forcing on myself, I'm going to leave it where it is... because frankly being able to reload both pistols at the exact same time, then quickly draw both at the same time reloaded just feels too cool. Farther forward, and I tend be bumping into doubled up mag pouches on the chest rig while reloading. Moving them forward also moved the dump pouches forward, which them became more restrictive directly in-front of the thighs instead of partially to the side.

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Also, mind sharing some of your other older methods for reloading? I've been wondering if I can add some thing to the grips so I can slap two guns together and hold them in one hand while the other slams two mags in at the same time.
PM Fixxer he was doing a custom job for someone trying to to the same thing. The idea was that he'd hold both pistols upside-down with one hand then slam in two mags at the same time with the free hand. I had photos of it, but had to clear my PM box and forgot to save them.

dundadun, thanks a lot for your comments. While some of your ideas won't work for my large inflexible ***... I think that on the right person they would be improvements to my setup.
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