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Originally Posted by VooDooAddict View Post
First, your pictures aren't coming through for me.

Just measured the pouched to be about 8"-8.5" deep. Just long enough that the magazines are fully into the pouch below the lip.

Like that you have the patience to reload magazines during play. I don't. When I'm out of pre-loaded mags I'm out of paint for that round. Probably not the best way to do it, but it forces me to use the paint and mags I have sparingly.

Are you using dual pistols? or single. If dual what do you do with the second pistol while going through your reload process.
Guys, LMK if the pics are working. I linked them in from picasa instead of from my gallery on the BTWO site.

To answer your question, for now, single pistol, but have been using it as a secondary when using my trracer with the Longbow mag or one of the TMs/Taccap as primary. When I have played pistol as primary, I usually just have the one pistol. That can get very interesting during a non pistol day at a rec field with trigger happy opponents. I love reading about you dual wielders and your exploits, and I still comb the B/S/Ts and look at all the good deals, (those gently used Tibs have been calling my name) but unless I want to keep one pistol as FS only (field permitting), it just seems easier to reload, especially as I can just dedicate one of the mags to FS only and still have the other 3 for paint. Then I have the option to either not fire much so as not to reload (like you mentioned above) or to fire at will & reload when able. I like the flexibility. I figured 3-4 mags optimal, unless you are providing cover fire, in a heavy fire fight, etc. I'm getting at least 28 shots per 12gm (3 full + 3-4+ shots) which would give 96 shots without hassling with the 3-4+ shots per mag. Plus it keeps the rig weight down. For a while, I got fed up with buying 12gms just to use the Tib, but since the airless mags got placed on the back burner, I just bought the 2 extra mags to make the 4 and haven't looked back.

I did play a few games with my SA17 and T8.1 dual wielding. It was pretty wild, but only way to reload is to holster one or put one down, particularly with the feed stick mag on the SA17. Plus, I hate getting caught reloading and not being able to shoot in the middle of a game - my major criticism of the SA17 and the TPX, though opening and shutting the door is a little faster than unscrewing then screwing the "knob".
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