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Empire Trracer Stock and 10 rnd feed!

SO i recently got my friend a Empire Trracer (I already own one). But since he has like no cash, i decided to come up with a cheap way to make a stock and 10 rnd feed for him.

This is what i came up with!
FIrst i made him a 10 rnd feed cram and jam, used 3/4" copper elbow and 3/4" tube, i then used a 15mm socket to stretch out the tube to fit the 10 round tubes into (Friction fit) Work really well, even had a slight angle so the balls roll down to the feed port! Painted it black and here what it looks like:

Then i needed to make some sort of stock for when he is using 12 gram bucket changer, so i have some 1/2" x 24" Aluminum rod. Went to hacksawing and dremeling away. This is what I was able to make:

This is actually my Trracer (dont have his yet!) and an overall picture!
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