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Originally Posted by 808Jackal View Post
PMed ya about the next project I need. Hope thing are good nd not too busy
I am going through my PMs now.

Originally Posted by dirty j View Post
I'm hoping they are just busy.

Sent a marker off to them a few weeks ago. Got an email saying they had my parts... and nothing since. Sent a few emails and left a few voicemails No replies yet.
I just finished up responding to all of my emails today. I am going through my voice messages as quickly as possible but I am still behind on those since i can only check those at work. We cannot always answer the phone between work and walk in customers so please bare with us I promise either me or my wife will call you back to get you taken care of.

Originally Posted by Jkoselka View Post
Patients, Tyler is a workaholic. He will get back to you, just takes him a little while. He also does his gunsmithing and brokering too so he is a very busy man.
This man knows me well.

Originally Posted by dirty j View Post
He just shot me an email actually... literally 30 secs ago

That's why I went with him... during our initial contact, he was replying to my emails late, late into the evening - I like someone that works as much as I do!
Email is quickest way to reach me (most of the time) as I can check it anywhere at anytime. We have been covered up with work lately so I have been working nights trying to get some of our repair backlog knocked out. So don't be surprised if I respond to you at 3am.

I am bringing in some extra help and I am hoping to have our lead time back to normal around the end of march. Got to love tax season!
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