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Cocker to Ego feed neck mod (service offered)

Hello I have been told on my other thread I should offer this as a service so to make a couple extra bucks (and pay for the machine) I have decided to take on a couple of these for some extra money. You can see the entire process in my thread in the custom section

Cocker to Ego feedneck mod done right

I have gotten a lot of questions as to what bodies this will work with. Unfortunately I am not an expert on cockers so i cant tell you exactly but if you have a pressed in neck similar to the one in the video I am confident that this mod will work for you. If you have a threaded feedneck such as an 05 prostock I am confident that this mod will work. These are the two body styles of auto cocker that I own so I can verify the dimensions accurately. If we are both still unsure after discussing it in pm's you can send it to me I will measure it and if it will work I can just make the mod. If for some reason i do not think it will work I will pack it back up and send it back no charge.

I have also gotten a lot of questions of what kinds of ego feed neck this will work with. I bought and measured a CP feed neck that should be good for 07-11 egos. This is the socket that i measured so this mod should work with necks that fit 07-11 egos. If you have another year feed neck that you want (say 06) you can send it along with the body I will measure the socket and measure your existing neck to make sure that I can successfully modify it to fit. If this is not the case I will let you know and we can either work something out (maybe a different year or something) and if not I will package it and the neck up and send it back no charge.

I am looking to only take on maybe 2 of these modifications per week to make sure I do not get overwhelmed. This being the case I would expect most guns to be modified the same day the get to me and back in the mail the next day. If something comes up and it will be longer I will let you know.

Given the turn around time shipping and PP fees I am looking to charge $40(see below for pricing update) per body, that includes PP fees and return shipping. If you need multiple bodies done I am willing to relax the cost per unit since i will be able to consolidate shipping costs and PP fees.

Also since I would like to promote my work and ease some minds, I am willing to do the work and ship it back before you pay. I know I am taking a risk doing this and if this were PBN I would not consider it but I think most everyone here is pretty trust worthy.

So if your interested please PM me. If you have any questions that I have not answered please post them here and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Thanks everyone


Current list of feedneck options.

Adapting options
05 Ego
06 Ego
07 Ego / Geo

This next part is kinda hard to explain in 1-2 words.

CCM clamping ring mod for ANS type necks
CCM clamping ring mod for WGP stock threaded stove pipe
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