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the downside to the original proflex is the lens system. Sure - you can get it out quickly if you know how, but it's nowhere near as easy and quick as the quick release system used on the Empire, SLY, or DYE goggles, so using the new lens is a huge deal.

Ugly is a matter of taste I guess - I like the way proflexes look, even if they make you look like a grinning t-rex (especially so), and the ventilation, weight and comfort is by far the best I've ever seen. The only thing my SLY profit had over the proflex is the double strap, but that's solved for like 5 bucks (buy an extra strap, duh), and now that I're replaced my old, beat and worn out lens on the proflex, the profit is getting shelved for now (unless I need an extra for a friend).
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