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Challenge for Children Charity Game at MNPro paintball Lakeville, MN may 20th

Challenge for Children's 2012 Charity Paintball Tournament | Sponsored by MN Pro Paintball

Field location on google maps

Event Registration Fee:

◦$25 – Pre-registration before May 14th
◦$40 – Day of game
Fee Includes:

100% of the profits from registration & Paint fees will go to charity.

◦Admission to the mission-based, scenario game
◦Unlimited air fills
◦Entry in event raffle
Paint FPO
Approx-$45 Dollars a case no BYOP

Please make time and bring your teams out for this wonderful event.

Also a bunch of awesome raffle prizes estimated value 2,000 dollars
100% of the profits from registration & Paint fees will go to charity.

I am proud to say that the team I joined, The Renegade Kings, is producing this year's Challenge for Children charity game in Lakeville MN. This is a big game hosted at MN pro paintball which all proceeds made from it are donated to Children's Hospitals and clinics. We have been, and will be spending much of our free time trying to make this event the best it can be. Most of the team will be reffing, I will be helping Col. Cowboy the team founder run the show to the best of my ability. We will be having some newer players reffing the game, but we are going to the course to shadow refs a few times before hand, and everyone will be reading up on rules extensively, so they can do their job to the best of their ability also.

The scenario is going to be Something along the lines of Canada VS Mexico battling for empty U.S. Soil.

Here is the paragraph Cowboy pitched to MN pro, they have approved it, but it may change. before they post it.

Scenario Canada Vs Mexico
It was supposed to be the most glorious day in American history, or world history for that matter. On October 20th 2016 American scientists had discovered a cure for cancer. An injection from a needle was all it took to cure cancer and make the population immune. Unfortunately tests were not completed before it was given to the general public. Thousands lined up at clinics and hospitals to receive the miracle injection. But people started getting sick. At first it was mistaken for the common cold. But it got worse and worse. Before they realized what was happening it was too late. Neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico sealed its borders and all flights leaving the United States were not welcome on foreign ground.
By 2018 the plague had run its course. The epidemic wiped out over 80% of Americas population the only few who remained seemed to be immune to the strange plague, but the Government was gone The Great Country of America was reduced to a savage and primal society. Living as either animals or mercenaries. Only looking to there own survival.
IN the spring of 2019 being convinced the plague was no longer an issue and more than 90%of the original population gone, Canada decided to take advantage of the now mostly vacant America, with most structures and resources still intact and plentiful. Canada received authorization from the UN to occupy the Former United States.
But Mexico demanded the land that was once theirs previous to the Mexican American war and Texas revolution. The United Nations rejected Mexico’s request for land on the grounds that mexico was not stable enough for such large growth. This enraged the Mexican people
IN retaliation Mexico invaded the former United States Striking fast and hard against the closest Canadian outposts. Canada Swiftly moved to secure a defensive position. Quickly the two groups stalemated. But as word spread other countries began to join sides. The Countries of South America sent whatever troops they could to aid there neighbor. After South America started uniting behind Mexicos banner the UN Backed Canada with N.A.T.O forces.
Now is the time to pick your side and join in this historic war.

Krustie of Woodland Security is going to be the general for Canada, and SKinny if the Renegade Kings is going to be General for Mexico, and Cowboy and I are not letting Skinny have ANY more information on the game than Krustie will have, we want this to be a fair and fun game for all.

so though I won't be playing I invite all MCBers to come out, meet the team we are working on building up, meet me, play paintball for a good cause, and have a good time.. If there is any input anyone has fr making this scenario the best it can be I am always open to suggestions, Squid said the last CFC held didn't provide enough information to the players before the game, we are going to do our best to provide you all with optimal information, but any other suggestions are welcome.

Brick Bravo Squad Captain of Renegade Kings Paintball Team.
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