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Oring Size Library - what size o-rings do your guns use?

So, I've been selling O-rings exclusively on MCB now for about a month (see link to my Sale Thread in my Sig), and business is going GREAT, but I find that I can't always find the sizes that you guys are looking for. So I figure it can't hurt to have one massive thread SOLELY DEDICATED TO AN O-RING SIZE LIBRARY, so I'm creating this thread specifically for that purpose. Most newer guns have GREAT manuals, with oring sizes listed in their parts lists, but many of the older (2000 and older) guns' o-ring sizes are harder to find, and I figure this thread could be not only helpful to me to be able to fulfill more of the order requests that I get, but also just in general for all of us avid players that can never seem to find the right o-ring for our particular applications.

Below are some examples from my Sale Thread of what I'd like the posts in this thread to look like:

Standard Autococker Kit3x size 003
1x size 006
1x size 008
1x size 010
1x size 012
2x size 013
2x size 015
1x size 017
1x size 110
3x size 112
3x size 113

X-valve Automag Rebuild - all 90-durometer rated

2x Power Tube (on/off bottom) O-rings - 010
1x Reg. Piston O-ring - 012
3x Reg. Seat O-rings - 008
1x Reg. Body O-ring - 017
2x RT On/Off Small O-rings - 004
4x Reg. Valve Pin O-rings - 006
5x L10 Carrier o-ring - 008

RT Classic Automag Rebuild - all Buna-90
3x Field Strip Banjo O-rings - 009
3x Barrel O-rings - 018
2x Power Tube O-rings - 010
1x Reg. Piston O-ring - 012
2x Reg. Seat O-rings - 008
1x Reg. Body O-ring - 018
2x RT On/Off Small O-rings - 004
4x RT Reg. Valve Pin O-rings - 006

So, Any gun you have that you have a list of o-ring sizes for that you'd like to share w/ the MCB community, I'm hoping that this can be our place to put it.
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