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DT1 kitAutomag&Phantom Parts, Red Dot Sight, Slide Check, Belt, Wood .45 grip panels,


I just moved from Texas to New England. Many of the items in this sale thread are being mailed back or shipped back in the summer. I still own all of the items in this sale thread, but they may not be in my possession currently. If you would like something from this thread I will hold it for you, but I will not be able to send it for 3 to 4 months.

*Post here first and then pm me if you want to buy something
*acceptable trades at the bottom of sale
*Reasonable offers will be considered. Please no low balling. Make me an offer the worst I can say is "no thanks."
*please post or pm me with any questions or if you need more photos of something

For Sale:

Automag Parts Lot: Take the whole lot for $165/Pending Locally

A.I.R. Valve, LVL 10 installed, extra multi hole bolt, extra parts

Rail, sear, vertical ASA, gauge

Dye Trigger frame, trigger, Dye grips, ASA

Gas thru foregrip

DT1 Phantom U/C kit: $115/Shipped
Original owner. limited use. Very good if not excellent condition. Pictures available upon request, otherwise, it looks like a DT1 U/C kit.

DSP Slide: $140/shipped
DSP Slide only!!! very good condition. Only a few scratches on delrin from play.
no other parts, just the slide, no grip, no other phantom parts.

PGP $65/shipped
needs new piece pin. very good condition. little wear around pup handle.

5.11 OD Green Adjustable Belt $18/shipped
Minor fraying on tip of belt.

Phantom parts For sale:

Parts are listed in rows, read left to write, top to bottom. If you can't finger it out, I can't help you. If you are not sure which part is being described, please ask. More pictures available upon request.

1st Row: (L to R)
Winchester Hopper w/ snappy fliptop lid: $8/shipped; mini phantom pump handle $7/shipped; ZBart u/c kit for phantom: $30/shipped; phantom pump arm $6/shipped.

2nd row:
phantom 10 rd sc feed tube only $9/shipped, missing feed gate $ feed; phantom sc feed missing tube & feed gate (2x) sold$3/shippedsold

3rd row:
phantom stock 6" barrel $15; TPX (i think) stock 6" barrel $9

4th row:
phantom vertical feed body w/ ego feed neck (dummy marks included ) gone$30/shippedgone; right-hand open class phantom body $25/shipped; phantom trigger assembly (grind marks in pump rod channel and scrapes from DuckSlide on sides) gone$25/shippedgone; (on top of r-h body) CCI detent set $4/shipped

5th row: phantom vertical air adapter gone$6/shippedgone; bobbed, gauged phantom valve $20/shipped; cci ghost ring $12/shipped; cci sight rail $5/shipped; duckbill, tapped on both sides gone$8/shippedgone; cci .45 grip frame, w/hogue grips: $30/shipped

ANS Slide Check
Brand New ANS slide check, looks to be nickel or chrome plated. Bought it new, took it out of the box and said, yeah thats gonna be too big for my project. Rather than return it and lose money to return shipping and paypal fees, it is for sale. Really is brand new. Never used. Includes package it came in and two spare o rings. Was orginally $?? marked down to $16.

NcStar Red Dot Sight
4 selectable reticles
10 adjustable power settings
Rail adapter included
Never used. Rust on screws. Very good condition, few scuffs from being in storage. Needs battery. Works, tested recently.

Siberian Elm wood panels

AGD inteliframe is SOLD!! Siberian Elm wood panels, as pictured.

Macroline & 2 90* fittings

12" of black macroline and 2x 90* black/stealth/ninja fittings. Will remove the teflon tape on threads before shipping. I de-ninja-ed the fittings a little with my wrench...
currently being used--make me an offer that will make me switch back to braided steel


lvl 10 x-valve

palmer's pyre spring feed or similar spring feed system

Taps/Dies/Drill bits:
(6-32 tap/die, 8-32 tap/die, 10-32 tap/die, 11/32 end mill or drill bit, drill bits: #36, #29, #21)

Dukie DSP gas in grip for phantom
Phantom body: right-hand stock class feed. maybe. already have 2, not sure about 3.
WGP Ranger Powertube/cupseal

Phantom bolt
Other phantom goodies

Q-loader Custom Mounting Socket

A+ Machine Clamping feedneck , AKA ULE feedneck, or RPG Subzero feedneck

Apex2 Tip/DW adapter

Vforce Grillz lens

1/8x1/4x7/64 Shielded Ball Bearing (R144ZZ)

: Want to Trade MY ALUMINUM WEVO Phantom U/C kit for Your black DELRIN WEVO U/C kit. I am looking to trade an older (but in excellent condition) Aluminum Wevo phantom u/c kit (incised grooves for his grip, not ribbed for her pleasure like the CCI u/c kits) for YOUR DELRIN WEVO Phantom U/C kit (again, incised grooves for his grip, not ribbed for her pleasure like the new CCI u/c kits).
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