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Worked in the shop this weekend.

Using parts I had in the shop I made this Phantom.
It has :
ASP Roundhaed cocker threaed body w/detent mod.
WGP stock 1" barrel.
AGD ASA mounted forward w/CCI bucket changer.
One piece feed tube w/ clear feed gate.
Tasco M16 grip.

A customer had me work on a project he wanted and later lost interest in it. Long story short I got the parts and that so I put it together just to sell it. Since I got it together, I'm finding I don't have the time to tune it and that. Here is what I got so far ....

The body is powder coated.
The Rock & valve are screwed together as one part.
Dual ball detnets.

It still need a spring for the feed tube.
Needs to be timeds.

These are for sale by the way.

Ken W
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