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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
While it does look cool, it would be very expensive to produce. more parts ( clamshells) means more expense. More setups, more jig/fixtures. I do think people would jump at it for looking something like mal's gun. I think they would stop midleap when it hit the 1500 price range lol.
Sorry it took me so long to come back here!

I wasn't thinking of it as a full clamshell. Using a DRV gripframe with hammer would leave you only needing a body with a sideplate. The barrel could be whatever.

Alot of $1250 ego11s are going out the door at eclipse to folks with Ego10s, I think you'd be surprised.

Resin cast firefly stunt pistols sold out at $200 each before I could get one and I'm pretty quick on the draw!

I would continue MY leap, $1500 or no....

but I understand!

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