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Cool Metadyne Industries Havoc II Project

Metadyne Industries is looking for player feedback on the options you would like available on the next production run of the Havoc launcher. We have a few options we think would make the Havoc better but we want to hear what you have to say. Please reply here with your comments and I will compile the results.

As an update - the Havoc is under limited production again (50 launchers) with a completion date of 4/15/2012. I will post more updates here. For the most up to date info on the Havoc stay tuned here or go to our website at Metadyne Industries

BTW the new Thumper is available and if you have the original Thumper there are free upgrades available to repair known issues. Go to our website to get an RMA to make sure your Thumper has the most current upgrades.

Thanks, Dave

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