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CP, Gas thru grip, Automag, SFT, Smart Parts

Hey there gang I got some stuff up for sale today.
Rules are as usual post then P.M., Paypal is king. First come first serve (in order of P.M. received). Shipping is included in all prices, international I will quote you a price.
First up barrels:
Dust silver All American Freak tip (14 inch overall)$10 -SOLD-
Silver Tear Drop Freak Tip Missing a jewel sticker on one side (12 inch overall)SOLDBlack All American back SFT threaded. $10

(starting left to right)
8 inch A5/X7 threaded barrel $10
Smart Parts Progressive Tear Drop Spyder threads 12 inch $10 -SOLD-
Stock BT4 barrel, decent shape on the bore, outside is scratched $5
Ops Gear 14 inch M4 style barrel good condition $10
14 inch Apex Barrel X7/A5 threads, $10

(left to right)
Barrel Adaptor Spyder to X7/A5 (Lets you use Spyder barrels on an A5/X7) $10
Custom short barrel, thread for X7/A5 on one end and threaded on the other for FLASC tips and RAP4 tips, $5
Custom Short barrel, same as above $10

Freak Bored CP back with custom shorty tip, no oring inside so the insert will slide out when you take the barrel off, otherwise it works perfect. Shorty tip is cut-down from a full sized barrel and then turned and milled. $15 -SOLD-

Foregrips and adaptors:
Tan tactical grip, fits on Picatinny rails $5
Black tactical grip, picatinny $5
Bike Grip (with grip on it) $10-SOLD-
Black Gas thru $10
Nickel CP gas thru, decent shape missing jewel $10 -SOLD-
Automag Vert ASA, with one small idiot mark $5

Doc’s Automag cocker adaptor comes with detents. $15 -SOLD-

Minimag body, pump milled, Zeus spring feed. The spring feed is permanently fastened to the body using high strength industrial adhesive (it ain’t coming off trust me we use this stuff on airplanes). The body was milled to be a centerfeed and it works great. $40 O.B.O -SOLD-

Save Phace Mask barely used 9/10 with thermal lense $30
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