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Back to pump

I own an electro marker, and a phantom pump. While saving to buy the timmy, I played with my phantom. It got boring, and that's why I was getting the timmy. While I was waiting, I spent a lot of time on pbnation, and other forums. I used to go to mcb on a different name(always looking, rarely posting), and I frequented scp and the phog. I played with my timmy for a couple days, usually shooting lots of paint and spending lots of money on air. Then my hopper broke, so I was unable to use it.

I used my pump for the rest of the day, and realized. Playing semi was usual, you always went to your bunker, shooting as fast as you can, and shot a lot until the game was over. It provided a thrill, but not as much as pump. Not to sound cliche, but it felt so much better to be back with my phantom. The reason I got bored with it before was because of the regularness, just using the same gun again and again. Now, I'm switching it up, using a winchester hopper, and a 3.5 ounce tank. I might get another marker, but that's another matter. Every once in a while, I'll use my electro. But until I fix my hopper (might purposely take a while ), pump it will be.

I just have to say, it's good to be here again.

PS: How are PGPs? I might invest in one.
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