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What Noxx/Lance Owes You

I'm creating this thread to keep better track of what he owes everyone. People who PM me I can post here, users who write on the bottom, I can post here too. I'll post in alphabetical order by username what he owes you. This will make my life much easier when I go talk with him, I can simply ask him from this list.

Thank you

BlueDragonX: raw CCM S5 body, CCM cocking rod, and pump rod
Chachi: (1) KP trigger group w/ P-series length sear, and (1) KP mounting hardware set
cheezstake a 10 round spring feed
C_losjoker: Nx55 scratch build
Dundadun: Sent: PGP, Kframe, Packmyer grips on Kframe,(maybe a pps fast changer knob as well.)Also included was winchester large loop lever for reference, but was supposed to go onto the phantom (below). Scratch Work: Teardrop large loop, cramNjam feed, drop out for 12 gram, lever conversion. Steamy Phantom Sent: Phantom body, triggergroup, RTR grip frame, a second Winchester large loop lever, L stock, Brass air fittings. Custom Work needed: Phuzzarding + Dual lever conversion and mount, Ramrod style feed tube-rock back feed.
Freedom:a "thumper" metadyne hacov launcher conversion.
Frink: NX55L Conversion either #1 or #2, not sure which one was delivered already.
Gainman:Nasty scratch build lever
Ghost848: NX55L-23, Lever conversion of KP3 CA Mod, 12gr Plug, 20rnd Springfeed,16" Barrel, Ball Detent, Sight Post and Rail, Aluminum Bolt, Performance Tune
Greenmtnphantom:KT Splatmaster trigger, SC capless chest rig
himurax13:NX55L-13, Lever conversion for a KP2, pirate stock
Hooligan: Nx55l #12, a conversion. I bought from Chopper Duke's pre order spot.
Htwhlr:a scratch lever build
IamTheWarChief: Level 10 bolt
ironchef97: Lever action Sheridan stock (not a whole rifle, just the stock, lever assembly and linkage), smart parts wood Sheridan grips, cocker to Sheridan frame adapter
Ivan: a lever action phantom, with spring feed. A frantom barrel, and 12 gram adapter
JeramieJ:NX55L-PT prototype & a special NX55L MCB Scratch Built Lever from the raffle "MCB scratch build lever"
Jk_6109: angel threaded cram 'n jam (just needs to be shipped, plus a change of address since I paid for it)
Listessa: NX55L-19 Listessa (One scratch build.)
Mayvik: Lever #4
Mouse: Scratch Build NX55L #17
Ncbbh88: NX55L Scratch Build
PaintballinFatty:jhill112 nx55l scratch build
Pk5: 1 nasty level action NXXL11, 1 nasty hurc - send in a nasty to him to be put in a stock, 1 dust red buzzard: He already had this anodized - just need to mail it out.
Playboy455: Lever converted PGP w/cooper T Bolt
RFLMN1: Ultimate Mag Frame to be anodized & retent with it as a sample for the color.
Rich: complete cocker threaded sterling. Sent in body, a mag frame, bolt, asa, feedneck adapter, stock class feed, cram feed with tacticool fins, lever 12 gram changer most of the parts pictured below are mine. Majority of work completed, some cosmetic milling on upper tube, an aluminum undercocking handle, dual pump rods etc. Misannodized in flat red and sent back for reanno to red/gold splash as requested.
Skantz: NX55L #16, conversion from a Pirahnna LB, Paid in Full
SnowZone: Green sniper for midblock, threading feedneck and reanno (gloss green) Dust black benchmark slider frame for reanno (gloss green) Gloss black Sterling body, Spyder freak back gloss black, two sterling UC pump handles (1 gloss black, one raw)
squee!: 2 vikings and a custom pump awaiting anno, an evil M awaiting milling and anno, 1 Viking is a tarantula milled 04 that's to be Dark gloss purple. 1 Viking's an 03 custom milled, 90 degree framed to be annoed dust white with gloss black accents (eye covers, feed neck, back covers, etc), Pump is a heavily milled halfblack cocker with PPS female reg to be annoed gunmetal grey. Evil m for milling and fabrication of eye covers to be complete annoed gloss black.
Swiftbear:Pirate length wood stock, KP trigger group with P series sear, KP mounting Hardware, and 5 face seals. (Payment sent 04-19-2009)
Uranus:NX55 converted
Wizbaa: NX55L-15 Scratch build
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