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Originally Posted by komodo View Post
Warps are...different to say the least. I love my cheapo one I snagged for $25 because the guy thought it was broken. I mean, I rarely ever use it, since I dont play semi as much, but, its definatly fun. It does take some time to get used to, but, once you do, its not that bad. For some reason, its just feel, having your warp with your hopper on the side of the gun. No hopper on the top with the insecurities of worrking about it bonking off of things, or trying to reload while shooting, and having to reach up high screwing up your aim.

If you have a center feed, it'll feel even more akward at first, but, youll learn to get used to the smaller profile, and better line of sight it gives you.

I've owned both, and I prefer(and still use) the qloader. The warp was nice for volumes of fire, but it really did make the gun heavy. I guess that's not a problem if you're a larger fellow, but I'm of the skinnier variety. I don't shoot as much paint compared to most people, so the 100 round pods on the Q don't really inconvenience me.

Buy a qloader, a CMS, and then mount the bracket right on the feed neck with a really short piece of hose, or on the VA pointing backwards.
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