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Tmoney, the reg moving is normal, it can actually move quite a bit and still seal just fine, if it's really loose it might start to leak though. Pull it back out and inspect the o-ring on it, it's easy to cut the o-ring when sliding it past the cutouts for the bolts, same when installing the valve, use lots of lube and be gentle... The valve set screw doesn't need to be torqued much, I just do 1/8 of a turn after it's seated. The valve should never move no matter how high you turn up the pressure, if it does the set screw isn't even touching the valve and that is your problem. The body half bolts don't need to be that tight either, even if you leave that o-ring out it won't leak when sitting, but it will shoot out a blast of air when you fire the gun. If you can't tell excatly where a leak is coming from use a bit of soapy water and look for the bubbles.
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